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As a non-profit institution, The Maritime Aquarium relies on the support of hundreds of dedicated volunteers. They work at Aquarium exhibits, interpreting displays, and welcoming, orienting and educating visitors. Volunteers staff the Seal Exhibit, Touch Tank, Shark & Ray Touch Pool and Ocean Beyond the Sound exhibit.

Volunteers also work behind-the-scenes, helping out in our corporate offices, organizing sleepovers and other special events.

For more information about The Maritime Aquarium volunteer program, call the Volunteer Services Department at (203) 852-0700, ext. 2225, or e-mail us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Zoo volunteers are an integral part of the Zoo, contributing their time and energy to the zoo's education and environmental mission. Whether it is going out on Zoomobiles with their Zoo educators, talking to visitors, caring for the Zoo grounds, or helping out with the animals, our volunteers make a difference to both our visitors and the staff. 
Read more for information on the various volunteer opportunities at the Zoo!


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