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Donating Art Work in Fairfield County

It has been said that when one moves into a new space, its is not quite home until the pictures are hung on the wall. Many folks who find themselves in relocations, whether they are refugees or otherwise, lack the wall hangings that can make their place feel more like home. Below are some ways to donate your art work to those families in need. 


2470 Fairfield Avenue, Bridgeport
IICONN and Burroughs Community Center are teaming up to organize an Art Drive to collect posters, paintings etc. to hang on the walls of the apartments where refugee families are relocating. Most refugee families use bold and bright colors and their blank white walls beg for a little color! 
IICONN is a state-wide non-profit organization that has been serving new Americans since 1918. For refugees, IICONN finds homes and offers other support services when they arrive in the United States. 
Consider donating art work today! 
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